We innovate and we excel. We are proven industry leaders.
Emerald Residential is a full service residential, real estate appraisal firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We operate primarily in the greater Maricopa County area, however, we do offer our services in Pinal County as well. After many years in the industry, we have custom tailored our services to reflect consumer trends and demands. We are passionate about what we do, and always seek new ways to better serve our customers! Our goal as your appraisal service provider is to offer quality deliverance of your appraisal needs at a great price on on a quick timeline. See below to learn more about the qualities that define us.

Every appraisal is completed as quickly as possible, and furthermore, we truly strive to return appraisals within 24 hours of property inspection.

Expert Witness Testimony
We provide litigation support to attorneys regarding all sorts of valuation related issues, whether consulting or appearing in court as an expert witness. Danielle R. DeGruccio has 5 years experience providing local law firms with fair market value appraisals, and appears in court when required to give expert witness testimony.

We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible to our customers, by not only being available during conventional business hours, but before & after hours, and on weekends. Customer service is very important to us.

FHA Appraisals
We have the additional certification required to deliver your FHA appraisal requests, Emerald Residential is your one stop shop for anything FHA.

Despite the ever-changing, fast-paced world around us today, we remain strong advocates for quality work coupled with pride in maintaining a high level of performance.

At Emerald Residential, we hold unique certifications that allow us to work with individuals whose property value's exceed $1,000,000.